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Confident use of laser technology with Safety Training

Although safe when properly managed, laser technology can incur hazards when not used properly. To exploit the full potential of your laser machines, by minimising risks to operators, we offer comprehensive laser safety training. We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and skills to use our laser applications with complete peace of mind.

Laser Safety training is provided by our qualified experts, who have extensive experience of laser processes, their power and their potential hazards. You will be guided through:

  • the basic principles of laser safety,
  • essential safety protocols,
  • best operating practices and protective measures,
  • risk assessment and emergency procedures.

Operate your equipment in complete peace of mind with Laser Process Training

As part of our commitment to providing you with full control of your machine, we also run Laser Process Training that explores the operation and possible applications of laser machines. Our seasoned experts will share their know-how and knowledge on the various laser processes like cutting, marking, welding, engraving, ablation, and many more. Trainees will learn about the fundamentals of each process, as well as the laser configurations that influence the results obtained.

Once they have fully mastered laser technology, your teams will be able to make their laser machines evolve.
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