qr code tracabilite themis technologies
qr code tracabilite themis technologies

Why choose laser technology to optimise industrial traceability ?

To meet increasingly stringent standards, established to guarantee safety and quality at all stages, the industrial world must deploy solutions that leave no room for approximation.

Precise and indelible laser marking

No technology matches laser in terms of breadth of size and durability of markings. It allows direct marking on the product, regardless of the material and without the use of a transfer medium, which reduces operating costs as well as guaranteeing the permanence of the code.


Laser technology allows extremely accurate marking, even in small sizes. This makes it ideal for electronic components, for instance, which can have formats that complicate the marking and reading of codes. Unlike ink printing, laser marking is unalterable and requires no inputs: the code remains perfectly readable over time.


Easy reading of traceability information


Vision systems allow contactless reading of traceability information. It is therefore not necessary to have physical contact with the product to access the codes or serial numbers. This makes it much easier to read data in high-speed production environments.


Complete solutions for all stages of traceability


To facilitate the implementation of traceability on your production lnes, THEMIS Technologies can assist you with:


  • laser marking,
  • code scanning,
  • client network interfacing for serialisation,
  • the storage, preparation and provision of data.


This provides you with a complete system that supports every step required for standards-compliant industrial traceability.

THEMIS Technologies supports industrial traceability in the most demanding sectors

While each sector must meet strict standards that ensure security throughout the whole chain, some activities require the deployment of specific solutions, given their inherent requirements and constraints. Find out how THEMIS Technologies supports these sectors.


Industrial traceability of the pharmaceutical sector


Industrial traceability plays a crucial role in the pharmaceutical sector. It helps:
ensure the safety, efficacy and quality of medication,
ensure the transparency and compliance of strict regulations in terms of production, distribution and safety.


To meet the significant constraints of the sector, THEMIS Technologies is developing compact modules that allow the serialisation of boxes, bottles or other containers, at high speed.


This allows for easier laser marking of unique Datamatrix codes, their scanning and checking that they match. Configuration via the human/machine interface makes it possible to process multiple formats with a reduced serial changeover time in under 5 minutes.

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