Industrial laser machine cuts out parts in sheet steel.

Get a head start with laser innovation and reliability.

THEMIS Technologies

Know-how and mastery of industrial laser applications

We have been meeting the challenges of the industry for more than 25 years, permanently connected with our customers’ issues. Our excellence in mastering laser applications ensures that you achieve your goals with innovative and reliable solutions. Find out how laser technology can optimise your industry.


Laser marking solutions

With laser marking, your products and materials are permanently marked with unparalleled precision: logo, barcode (Datamatrix and QR codes), text,…


Laser welding solutions

Laser welding has many advantages that makes it stand out from traditional welding methods.


Laser cutting solutions

Increase speed and accuracy with your bespoke laser cutting machine.


Laser stripping solutions

Does your production process include a stripping stage and do you want to integrate a laser solution?


Laser technology for traceability

Consumer expectations and increasingly tight legislation have made traceability a major issue for the industry. It involves being able to…


Machine vision solutions

Automate your production with machine vision and deploy your human resources where they are most valuable.


Customised collaborative robot solution

Compact but powerful robots have already attracted many SMEs and industrial medium-sized businesses.


Custom industrial supervision

It is possible to observe, plan, analyse, track and modify the different processes of your machine using your supervision tool.…