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Optimise your line with collaborative robotics

Speed, precision, infallibility and safety are the keywords of this technology which supports operators in the least rewarding tasks and relieves them in the most arduous ones.

Traditional robots are being increasingly replaced by their collaborative version:

More dependable “cobots” are designed to assist the operator in the most demanding tasks. Far from replacing the workforce, the robotic arm gives high added value to human skills. It supports repetitive gestures and missions that require physical effort.

Thanks to their articulations, collaborative robots can perform movements that are difficult or tedious for humans.

Industrial robots take over completely, as in picking tasks, for instance: gripping, moving and readjusting a product on the line is possible at high speed and with flawless precision with a robot fitted with a clamp. For perfect execution of all your processes (marking, cutting, etc.), the robot is equipped with a laser and handles most production steps.


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